About DigiToolMaster

My Name is Sanyam Jain and I am your Digital Tool Master from India.

I am a Real Estate Marketer turned into an Interior Designer, then a Hotelier, and now a full-time Digital  Marketer.

Working in many industries has given a whole bunch of experience that what exactly is the market demand.

I always had a dream of starting something of my own where I can be my own boss as I didn’t find myself fit for the corporate culture (like many others) that I have been into. But later I found that it was never about the boss, it was about the vision.  It’s not about being the boss, but its always about leading and setting an example.

So later I started practicing Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. The time I came to know about this industry, I chose this because the best thing about working in this industry is that it allows you to work according to your watch and address. You can work anytime, from anywhere. and More importantly, giving value to the people in this industry.

I have created this blog to pass on the information that I will be collecting through my journey and educate as many likewise minded people as possible to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.

Keep following my Articles, subscribe and share the valuable information if you think it can help change someone’s life, career, and perspective.

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Sanyam Jain