Digital Marketing Scope in Market

Digital Marketing Scope And Importance in 2021 Market

There is no doubt, that technology has taken over many jobs in the market.

Some jobs have been taken over by machines and some by digital tools.

But clearly, there have been many jobs created due to this technological hike in the market.

Digital Marketing is one of those many jobs.

Hello, my name is Sanyam Jain and I am your Digitool Master.

Today we will be discussing the Digital Marketing Scope in the future and its significance in the current market.

Let’s get started.


The Market Overview

Digital Marketing Scope and Future

Marketing has always been a critical step for any business. But in the last few years, it has been divided into 2 sections.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

Almost 98% of the market has shifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

And the increase in the availability of electronic means of communication and the internet has contributed to this phenomenon.

Whether it’s a common man researching for some goods or services for his households or a student researching on projects, the Internet has become a vital source of information for all of us.

And that is the reason every business is investing in digital marketing to advertise information about their product and to upsell their products.

And no wonder it is generating some amazing results for most businesses. Because they are able to reach their specific audience with the help of digital marketing rather than going broad like a newspaper or radio ad. And this is the factor that has made the digital marketing industry so dominant in the market.

And as the significance of social media grew in the market, it has attracted numerous individuals to pursue their careers in digital marketing. And their talent has opened doors to many job opportunities in the digital marketing world.

In fact, according to a report by smart insights, digital marketers were the most hired professionals hired by businesses in 2015. You can imagine the growth after that according to this digital world we are living in.


What is Digital Marketing?

Beginners think that SEO is digital marketing. Or running paid ads is called digital marketing. 

Well, these are just the segments or verticals of digital marketing with many others.

Let’s simplify this business first in as simple words as possible.

Any source of advertising which includes electronic medium and internet to advertise the products or services is called digital marketing.

For example, a social media post, a paid ad on the internet, an email, a written content, or any product advertisement.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing Scope

Just to break down the confusion, let’s understand Digital marketing on a deeper level by understanding some of its different segments.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most popular and useful segments of digital marketing.

It is a process of optimizing your product/content on the internet to make it more user-friendly and valuable. In simple words, you need to think like the user what they might be searching for and you need to create your content accordingly.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Running paid ads on search engines, like Google, with your valuable content or lead generation forms to collect leads is called SEM. Google Ads is one of the most used services in this segment.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Writing Content on Social media handles and creating your brand awareness through various social media channels is called Social Media Marketing. Also Running paid Ad campaigns on social media for your product either to directly make a sale or just to collect leads/contact details of prospects, comes under SMM.

Brand Management

Creating your brand awareness through various channels like social media, blogging, emails, or forums comes under Brand Management. This is one of the high-income skills in demand in the market.

Integrated Digital Marketing

People Fail, Systems Work. Creating a system for your business with the help of digital tools to run some of its processes in an automation mode is called Marketing Automation. If you want to know more, then you can read this article to understand the in-depth process of Marketing Automation.

And there are many others such as email marketing, blogging, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.

These are just segments of Digital Marketing.


Why is Digital Marketing Important in Today’s Market?

Modern law of marketing

Digital marketing methods have the same objectives as traditional advertising except that they are oriented for online media. But marketing through digital sources gives numerous competitive advantages to businesses, including measurable data.

A company can measure how much it is spending on a particular marketing medium and compare the numbers with the leads generated. With the availability of these types of analytics and metrics such as clicks, impressions, and bounce rates, business owners can gauge performance and plan their future budgets more effectively.

Companies have some advantages of having different advertising options as well.

When marketing on online channels, business owners have a choice of mediums and strategies such as social media, email marketing, paid ad campaigns, content marketing, or SEO, just to mention a few of many.

Organizations can strategically set their goals and select the most suitable medium to meet their targets.

Companies also get plenty of sources and opportunities to engage with their audience. Whether it’s through blog content or social media posts, every business has found their way to get closer to their audience, that conventional advertising modules can not offer to them.

These are a few reasons why digital marketing is so important and plays a significant role in today’s market share.

In the next decade, traditional marketing professionals will be bound to find more use for digital marketing, and that means there will be more job opportunities in this industry.

And now the game has changed on a different level, digital marketing is not just used to serve businesses, it is also being used to improve visibility for individuals as a personal brand.

Digital marketers are starting to get hired just to boost personal brands as well.

As the multiplication of online media extends to remote regions of the world, the importance of digital marketing will be unlimited.

Digital Marketing is a sector that keeps evolving very fast. Tools and strategies that were leading a couple of years ago are not even in the picture anymore. Well, thanks to technology and competition.

digital platforms take different forms with each change, and that requires businesses to mold their marketing. This change creates more need for digital marketing skilled people.

Spending on digital marketing is set to increase in the coming years as the dominance of online marketing continues. For an idea, over 80% (+/-) of marketing budgets of any business will go to digital.

Let’s understand some important spikes with which companies can benefit from Digital Marketing

Competitor’s Space

With the help of digital sources, it has become easier for businesses to acknowledge market analytics before taking steps or even coming into the market.

With digital data, companies understand the market need, customer’s difficulties, the trend, and various other analytics.

Market Research

Before even coming into the market, the founders can now analyze what is the need of the market. With so much data and content available on the internet, start-ups have a better chance to survive and grow if they can understand what the market needs.


Medium businesses can analyze the trend. They can follow the bigger brands by analyzing their user behavior. You can check all public forums and read what your audience is talking about and what problems they are facing. If you can find the solution to that, you have a far better chance to grow your business bigger. You want to feel special about your product before your customer feels special investing in you.

Competitor Analysis

Following the market and trends begins the most crucial part. Yes, Competetior’s Research

You don’t wanna be just another service provider like many others in the market from which your audience is already unhappy. You want to give a better experience to your audience. You want to make them feel as if they are investing in something special that can not be found anywhere else.

So you need to analyze your competitors to find the difference. And you can do that by simple surveys, their reviews, public forums, etc.

Brand Awareness

According to youth social media addiction, news brands prefer advertising their new products on social media for their brand awareness. And it’s working for them as well.

Not everyone uses every product. Working professionals don’t need student’s products, or students don’t want to see real estate or business services advertisements.

In order to segregate these promotions, digital marketing comes into play.

With digital marketing, you can target specific audiences to which their product can benefit or to only one searching for your products.

You can set demographics while creating paid promotions. And if it is free content, then search engines help you by displaying your products if someone searches or has similar interests in what service you provide.

Marketing Automation

The time has changed. Machines and digital systems are taking over jobs.

And why not, these systems have been so efficient, time and money-saving that every business considers digital tools overs manual worksheets.

Creating a system is so important these days. It will work for you even when you are not working. Read this If you want to learn more about Marketing Automation.

Automated Lead Generation Campaigns

Marketing automation is your biggest asset, especially in lead generation or when you are in a digital service providing space like Ecommerce or Digital coaching.

Any person has limited hours to work in a day. If your marketing executive does door-to-door visits, the number of visits can be limited and that will also restrict the revenue number. Instead, you can deploy marketing automation. But yes, Meetings need to be done manually.

Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

With the lead generation process, you need to identify which leads to focus first. With your automated content sharing systems, you can score your leads. And that is simple. The More impression your prospect makes on your content, the more score he gets to be converted from cold to hot lead. With this, you will be able to focus on your more interested clients first to offer your services instead of spending too much time on leads with less interest. Higher the conversions, the higher the revenue.

But make no mistake in nurturing those cold leads as every prospect can be your client if served well. 


Career Scope in Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Considering the requirements of the industry and demand in the market, Digital Marketing will be one of the many career options that professionals will be chosen.

For one, the industry includes several skills in online marketing. Advertising on internet media means having to engage in particular technicals such as website development and graphics design. Even someone without a college degree in marketing can capitalize on their skills if they can bring results to the table.

A traditional marketing expert can also learn some technical skills to improve their knowledge of how online media functions.

Working in digital marketing means a fast-moving work culture where something latest is just beyond the horizon. 

An SEO professional has to keep himself updated with the latest updates on search engine algorithms all the time. Marketers also need to keep themselves updated about the guidelines on various channels. If a social media platform releases a new set of rules, a professional marketer should be the first to know.

Digital Marketing challenges the professionals every coming week with some new technology and updates waiting for them at the door. If you are keen to work in a hustle type of working environment, then Digital Marketing is for you.

Unlike other traditional professions, it is possible to begin your digital marketing career individually. You can start with understanding how the industry operates and gaining the right knowledge with exposure online is the least it takes to begin. Even without any internship, you can showcase your skills on your self-started project through blogging and social media campaigns.

In fact, a lot of digital marketing careers started with personal branding. By showcasing what they have achieved on their channels, this gives a clear picture to the client if the professional is worth giving a chance.

Another reason for which the field will be one of the top career options shortly is its versatility.

Digital marketing professionals can be specialized in several verticals, depending on the skills and interests of an individual.

Considering the size of the industry and its future demand, this is the 6 step framework that you can follow to become a successful digital marketer.


Start with learning the skills and process. You can choose a mentor to learn Digital Marketing, or you can learn from any institute, but the best teacher to perfection in digital marketing is Practice. The more you practice the better results you will achieve.


Once you have learned, start working for someone. You can choose an internship or try to get a job under any experienced agency. This will give you exposure and experience.


Now it is time to utilize the skills and experience in working for different clients and projects at a time. And understand how to deal with a client from presentation to delivery of the project. To gather this experience you can become a Digital Marketing Freelancer. Freelancing is the best way to gain extra income, experience, and exposure to become a better professional in any industry. Read this post If you want to learn more about freelancing.


With your freelancing profile, you start consulting big firms to set their projects and achieve results for them. This step will grow your personal brand to place you in the market at a higher level.


Now that you have achieved results in every aspect, it’s time to pass on the knowledge to young professionals. It’s time to mentor students and help them learn digital marketing, right from the same step where you started.


And along with mentoring, this is probably the right time for you to start-up your own agency, if you want to take forward running a business.

Comment below if you find this framework useful to kick-start your career.


Industries That Are Mostly Dependent on Digital Marketing

benefits Of digital Freelancing

I believe every industry is getting handsome returns in their business compared to the investment they are making in digital marketing.

Well, yes there are some products or services that don’t require digital marketing. These can be generic daily use products like toothpaste, grocery, cosmetics, etc. Why? Because these products are so generic that they are used by everyone in their daily routine. So instead of targeting a set of audiences, these brands or companies prefer other marketing sources like TV, radio, newspapers. basically where everyone can see their products.

And also digital marketing is not preferred to advertise high-end products like a supercar or any B2B service. Why?

Because people looking for these services are not spending time on social media that much. These are CEO or Entrepreneur category people. So instead of advertising anywhere, companies contact them directly through their emails or office calls and try to fix pitch meetings.

So who needs digital marketing?

I would say, medium-ranged products and services.

For example, a mobile phone seller, a digital coach, an interior designer, CA. These businesses use digital marketing to target audiences searching for their services.

But which industries are making the most out of digital marketing investments. Or I would rather say, they are completely dependent upon Digital marketing for growth.

E-Commerce Industry

Ecommerce is one of the few industries that can not survive without a digital marketing budget.

Ecommerce companies not only need to optimize their listings but also need to invest in online paid marketing campaigns to challenge the competition if they want to make revenue.

Digital Coaching Industry

Imagine a teacher/coach giving lessons on the internet but nobody is watching/attending those lessons.

A lesson not consumed is a lesson in vain.

So, to get the students or attendees, digital coaches use Digital Marketing services to reach their audience.

Just like this article. You landed on this page to read about the scope of digital marketing.

Real Estate Industry

Although real estate also depends on a referral basis, the majority of its fresh leads are collected by digital marketing campaigns. Realtors set their paid campaigns to target the audiences searching for real estate properties. And this way, both the dealer and buyer find what they need (mainly information).


These are a few industries that are getting the maximum ROI from Digital Marketing Campaigns. Comment below if you have some other industries in your mind to get the most benefit out of Digital marketing.


Conclusion for Digital Marketing Scope

Digital Marketing Benefits and Importance

So we conclude that if we are passionate about marketing and spending time on the internet, then this is the industry we can pick to monetize our skills.

Considering the demand, keep in mind, that there will also be competing.

The start of the journey will not be that easy.

But there is one simple rule in order to become successful in this Industry.

Go Niche. Go narrow in advertising your services.

Always remember, a professional who specializes in one skill gets more value than a professional who does all.

So go narrow in your topic, and search the pain points of your clients, the issues they are facing, and solve it with your skills. It’s that simple.

I hope you find this information valuable. Comment below your takeaways from this.

Also, let me know if I have missed anything important to add on.

I will be curious to have some feedback from you.

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