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5 Best Easy and Free digital Screen Recording Tools for beginners

In the Age of Digital marketing and the trend of digital coaching, recording e-lessons has become one of the tricky tasks for new coaches.

Especially in these lockdown situations due to covid-19 where every educational institution has to opt for digital education, be it schools, or professional courses. And not just the coaching industry, even the corporate webinars need screen recording tools to prepare their presentations for better understanding.

And if you have landed on this page that means you are looking for the best options available in digital screen and video recording tools.


Hi guys my name is Sanyam Jain and I am your Digitool Master. Today I am going to talk about 5 Free Digital Screen Recording Tools that can help you record your video and computer screen along with the audio. These tools are complete watermark-free as well.

With these Screen recording tools, you can prepare your presentation videos easily.

There are literally hundreds of video editing and recording tools online, but the screen sharing recording tools I am sharing with you today are super easy to use.

So let’s get started with our First Tool

Easy screen recording Software

Loom – Screen recording Tool

The first tool in the list is the Loom screen recording tool and it is super easy to use.

It comes in three formats

  • Online Version
  • Chrome Plugin
  • System Software

You can use any version, it does the same job for you.

This tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can record up to 5 minutes of free video with this tool and save on its cloud space.

You can select either full screen or different tabs to record along with your camera/face while explaining the shared screen content to your audience.

The plus point is it doesn’t leave any branding watermark on the output of the video.

Earlier it used to give unlimited recording time during Covid-19 Lockdown situations but now it has restricted to 5 minutes for free users.

The recordings will be saved in your Loom dashboard, which can be wisely downloaded to your local computer storage in just a click.

The Best part of using this tool is, you can trim the unwanted sections of your video output within this tool after the recording is complete.

Watch this video I have recorded for you on how to use Loom screen and video recording tool for free.


Zoom Meetings And Webinar Tool

Probably the best tool to record the screen while, face, audio altogether.

Zoom Webinars and meetings help you connect with people all over the world and simultaneously enables you to record the whole calls.

You can present your screen, show presentations, invite other people to join, and even make them co-host of the meetings to help you.

Being an online tool, it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Not many people care to use the zoom app earlier, but after the covid-19 situation when everyone either started working from home or started their own digital work, the zoom meetings app took a massive boost in the market.

The best part about Zoom recording is, you can use it even without making a call to anyone.

You can start the call with yourself, and start recording it with screen video, audio, or whatever way you like it to be.

The recordings can be saved on a zoom cloud or your local computer storage, whichever way you prefer. 

It has both a free and premium version. But even the free version doesn’t leave any branding watermark on the output of your recording.

With the free version, you can make up to 40 minutes long calls in one go. So when the call ends, the recording stops as well. But if you have bigger video content to prepare then you can either continue with a new recording and join both the recording outputs with any basic video editing software. Or if want then you can purchase a premium version of it as well.

But because you here, I assume you are looking for some free version only.

Also, there is a way by which you can remove the 40-minute limit from your free account.

To know more about it, watch this full video on how to use Zoom.

In the end, I have shared the hack to remove the 40-minute limit.


Free Cam – Screen Recording Tool

Here comes my favorite tool for offline video screen recordings.

This is an open-source software you can download from google on your desktop.

You can record an unlimited length of high-quality videos with this tool.

But, what is so different about this tool I am in love with it so much?

This comes with an in-built video editor with a super easy-to-use layout.

Even you as a beginner can feel like a video editor while editing your video outputs in this tool once recorded.

While recording you can also highlight your mouse u=cursor for better navigation in tutorial videos.

Ou can download it from here and install it on your system.

You can do HD screen recordings. You can select the screen size if you want to record the whole screen or just a part, or just any particular window or tab.

Once the recording is finished, it will take to the editing part where you can trim the unwanted section.

The best option is its noise cancelation tool in its editor. It works so fine, that even if you are not using headphones while recording your audio, It can change it like you were using a professional mike.

You can also upload your videos directly to youtube if you want to.

The only drawback I found in this tool is, it doesn’t support webcam recording.

If it supports that feature, then this can be the best tool for youtube tutorial videos for sure.

Check out this small video to know how to use the Free Cam screen recording tool.


ScreenRec – Screen Recording Tool

Another tool on the list is ScreenRec.

This tool works in an easy way. You can record the screen in HD quality. It doesn’t leave any watermark either on that video output.

This works as same as Free Cam with few differences.

ScreenRec doesn’t come with an inbuilt video editor.

But it comes with webcam support, so you can record your video/face as well while recording your screen.

Watch this video to learn more about the ScreenRec Screen recording Tool.


Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

This is another brilliant free screen recording online tool you can find on Google.

You can record good quality video screens and face for your presentations or tutorials.

To use this software, you need to download its setup, which is easy, and then launch it online every time you need to use it.

Again as same as Screenrec, but one with one difference.

While recording the screen, you can do some pencil artwork on the screen to explain something to your viewers. It’s like the Microsoft paint app in your systems. You can draw circles, underline text, mark, just like a pencil.

This is a cool feature I like in this tool.

You can use this tool both online and as software

Watch this video on how you can use this Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder tool to record your screen and video.


And I have a Bonus for you as well

OBS Screen Recorder ( For Live Streaming / Gamers )

This is last in my list, OBS, aka Open Broadcaster Software.

You can capture Screen, face, or both with your audio or systems audio, however, you like.

This is a pretty advanced software. This software is especially meant for gamers/streamers who like to directly stream on youtube and record it simultaneously.

You can download it from google and install it on your windows, mac, or Linux systems.

The good thing about this software is it in high resolution and all in one pack kind of deal for beginners. This comes with few editing options as well. It has many functions inside that make the experience entertaining for your viewers.

Initially, this tool might feel a bit technical and hard to work on, but once you get your hands over you will get used to it.

You can watch this video to learn more about this tool.



So this is the end of my list of free video screen recorders.

There are many others you can use that may or may not perform better for you.

Comment below which tools do you prefer to do the screen recordings.

Also, comment if you use any other tool to do the job for you and I will come up with its pros and cons for you.

If you are looking for more different tools for digital marketing then you can read my friend’s post for students who are looking to get premium tools for free with GitHub.

If you are a digital marketer then checkout out another post to know more about Free SEO and Keyword research tools.

Till then keep learning, keep exploring, and don’t stop.

I will see you around with another value-adding list of digital tools.

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