Top high income skills in demand

What are the Top High Income Skills In Demand in 2020?

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the working culture around the world.

Some people lost their jobs and some are getting a salary cut off.

It’s almost a recession everywhere.

But even in these critical situations, some valuable skills are still being paid as high as before, in-fact, in some cases, even higher.

Today I will be discussing a list of top High Income Skills in demand in the market.

Not only the list, but I will also tell you how you can learn these high-income market skills.


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Everyone likes to hire people who can give them results and not just complete their working hours in the office and leave.

And I am going to list down some skills which can get you results for your company or your own business.


Sales / Deal Closing

top skills to learn

Every Business needs revenue to operate.

It doesn’t matter how good your products are for the market.

Well, yes, the product is important. But nothing will help if you won’t be able to take that product out of your premises and sell it to your customers.

Every company requires people who can do sales and generate revenue for them.

Believe me, If you know how to sell, then you will never go down in life.

This is one of the top skills to learn for anyone in their career. It has always been in demand and always will be because who doesn’t want more revenue in business.


How to learn to sell or become a Closer?

To learn how to sell, you don’t need to join any institutes or just learn from books or read different content. Well, yes, these things will help.

But you need to develop an attitude before everything else. A problem-solving attitude, If you want to sell.

Always remember one thing, “People don’t like to be sold, they like to Buy” – A quote by Jeffery Gitomer.

Even if you have the best product in the market, it won’t sell until it solves your customer’s problem. Learn to Analyze how you can solve your customer’s problem, provide the resulting analytics and sales will automatically happen.

The most important part of learning this skill is, don’t call yourself a salesperson.

Treat yourself as a closer (person who closes deals). This is also a very positive and must have-attitude that one requires.

Why? Well, if you treat yourself as a salesperson, your priority will be selling and making money. The customers are smart and they can sense what you care most.

But a closer doesn’t think that way. A closer always prioritizes its customers. A closer always focuses on how to help, not how to sell. And once you develop that attitude, it will result in the form of sales for you.

This is not a one night process to develop this kind of attitude. It will take time.

It gets better deal after deal.

Practice this for a few weeks and let me know how it works for you.


Digital Marketing

Top 10 Skills in demand for 2020

The times have changed when people used to distribute flyers or ads in newspapers or on TV or radio.

These mediums are still used for marketing when your product is generic.

For example, products like toothpaste, candy, pen or groceries, or any other generic items which are almost used by everyone. These FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) products are simple, low priced, and attract a lot of repeat buyers. For these products, you need a big audience regardless of what they like or what they do.

But for high-end products where people need more information, and you need to target specific audiences. You need to generate leads, and to generate leads, companies prefer digital marketing.

For example, if you are selling a high-end B2B or enterprise service. Not everyone might be interested in or in need of that product. So there you can use digital marketing by targeting only those people who are already searching for these products.

As technology has taken over a few businesses, Digital Marketing has become one of the high income and revenue making skills to learn in life.

And also, people get more and better knowledge from the internet with a variety of contents available that too in volume.

So in any business, digital presence is necessary now when People spend more time on the internet rather than on TV, newspapers, or Radio.

If you know digital marketing, you can work as a freelancer, consultant, get a job and work under a company, or even open your digital marketing agency.


Digital Marketing has various verticals in it. Below are the Top 10 Skills in demand for 2020 in digital marketing itself:-

  1. Social Media Advertising
  2. Social Media Marketing ( SMM )
  3. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  4. Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Paid Adverts
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Marketing Automation / Integrated Digital Marketing
  10. Analytics


These are the 10 most important work skills in 2020 in the digital marketing industry. The Digital Marketing industry has been growing exponentially from the last 10 years.

It is also one of the top Freelancer and Upwork skills in demand. Instead of going wide and placing yourself as a digital marketer, you can pick a specific niche from these verticals and position yourself as an expert in it.


How and Where to learn digital marketing from?

There are many institutes where you can learn digital marketing depending upon your locality.

But also there are many online courses as well where you can start.

If you want to learn this I would recommend you to start with basic understanding.

Digital marketing is no different from regular marketing. In this way only the medium of marketing is different. It is 80% of Marketing and just 20% Digital.

If you want to learn the basics of digital marketing, you can click here to register for a free course with one of the top digital marketers in India. You can start with this and if you feel that digital marketing is the industry for you then you can opt for a paid course as well.

Let me know your experience in the comments below once you complete the free version.



Top High Income Skills In Demand

What is copywriting? Let’s understand that first.

Many people think of it as some legal term and mistaken it as copyrights, but it is not.

A Copy- also called a Sales Copy, is anything in the form of written text that gives you information and engages you with its product.

In simple words, a copy can be any piece of written text content that convinces or encourages your readers to purchase without even having a 1-to-1 meeting or a call. A copy is nothing but the content that makes the sales for you.

It can be in the form of an advertisement or can be just a simple brand awareness post. A copy intends to persuade its reader to take any particular action.

An email can be a copy, a piece of content can be a copy, a social media post can be a copy, a brochure can be a copy as well.

In today’s world of digital marketing, many businesses opt for sales copies to do sales for them.

A well-written copy can be advertised or shared on different platforms to attract multiple prospects in a short period of time. Not only today, but it will also be one of the most in-demand skills for the future for any B2B service company. 

It not only generates leads but also results in revenue sometimes if written or explained. And even if it creates nothing, then still it creates brand awareness.


How to Learn Copywriting Skills?

If you are passionate about writing, then this is the skill that can make you 6 figure income annually.

But if not, then it is a learnable skill.

You can start by writing about topics that you like.

It can be related to something work-related, or something you are passionate about.

You can start by posting it on blogs, social media, or public community groups.

If you are working on a job, you can start with writing pieces of content for your company as well in your free time.

It shouldn’t have to be like a long tail but it should be understandable to your readers. It should contain all the important information, nothing more or less.

If you try to add more, it will create confusion for your readers, and if you don’t provide enough, then the reader will not take action due to a lack of information.

To learn to Copywrite, you need to develop a skill to provide the best information in as short as possible.

Also, if you want to learn copywriting then you need to learn about content writing and the process behind it first.


Digital Coaching

valuable skills

If you love doing something and you are a master at it, why should you just keep it to yourself and not teach others as well?

Especially when it can make you a lot of money.

The best part about digital coaching is, you can be your own boss while working from home itself.

There are tons of skills that people want to learn. It can be business skills, creative skills, personality development, arts, activity, health, and many more to add.

Identify what you are good at and start giving lessons to others.

If you give a lesson in a room or office, you are restricted to only some students you can teach at a time. Also, you can only cover the local area audience.

But imagine giving digital lessons where you can reach everybody in the world with the help of the internet. You can choose as many students as possible even in a single session.

You can even record sessions and upload them on learning management systems where people can access your courses.

It’s one of the smartest skills to learn to make money without investing much in infrastructure.


How to Become a Digital Coach?

The only thing you need to keep in mind before you start, you need to pick a niche/topic that has demand in the market and also can make others pay you to learn from you.

Once you choose the topic, you can start by posting ideas, tips, and other content on social media or on youtube.

You can record videos under your topic and share it with your friends and family.

If your topic has demand, slowly you will start seeing some followers. Once you get enough volume of the audience, you can introduce your paid curriculum versions of your digital course.

But keep one thing in mind, your content is your infrastructure and your time is your investment.

If you need to be a successful digital coach, you must focus on providing value to your audience. If you can maintain the value, you will shine like a sun, like many others, or even better. Also if you want to set up your own website, you can read an article written by my friend on how you can make your website on the WordPress platform and everything about it.

Comment below if you feel that you have that talent that can make you a digital coach.


Health and Wellness

high paying skills in 2020

If you are too conscious about your health and work-out regularly, congratulations, you will live a happy, healthy and most probably, a wealthy lifestyle.

Someone said once, “Exercise not only changes your body; it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”.

Health and wellness industry is one of the most money-making and important industries in today’s lifestyle.

If you are a health freak then you can help others. And even if you don’t know any particular skills in health maintenance, then this is one of the skills worth learning.

This not only can help you earn money but will also improve your lifestyle.

It doesn’t just have to be like exercise, cardio, or yoga.

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle through various methods.

You can help people set their diet plans, or you can help them in meditation. You can help people in weight loss with the Ayurveda lifestyle or you can help new moms getting back in shape.

You can help people heal their wounds with the help of Reiki healing or you can even help people have a correct mindset.

Health is not just about having a healthy body or 6 packs, it can be mental, emotional, or psychological as well. There are plenty of ways that you can help people get a healthy lifestyle.

And in today’s world, every other person is facing health issues. If you can help them to improve their lifestyle in any way and become healthy then this can be your money-making skill as well.

But always remember, your priority should always be providing value first, and the money will follow automatically if you target well.


How to Become a Health and Wellness Coach?

Just like others, this is also a learnable skill.

But before you choose this high-income skill, you must have a feeling that you are very passionate about it too. Else you won’t be able to continue with it for too long.

You can start by working on yourself. To become a coach you must master the skills yourself and you can do that by testing it on yourself and your close ones.

You can choose any one stream on how you want to help others and you can start learning about it either on the internet or from somewhere best locally available people or institutions.

You can also follow the influencers doing well and getting results in this industry

But make no mistake with anyone’s health.

You need to be very sure before helping someone that it might not affect anyone negatively.

Bonus Tip to Acquire Top High-Income Skills in Demand

high paying skills in 2020

So these are 5 of the high paying skills in 2020 that you can choose from.

There is one thing with all these skills that I want to share with you.

These skills will never go out of fashion. At least not in near future.

If you want to build your career which will never go out of fashion then you can pick one of the above and start with small steps.

You can start with working pro-bono within your circle.

Help your friends and family with your skills. This will not only get you experience but they will get to know your skills as well.

And who knows, maybe one day you may land a high ticket project from one of those references. 

You might not get success initially, but the longer you hold, the better it will get for you.

You may also read this article to understand the law of marketing if you’re finding it tough to find your niche.


Work hard. Share your experience with me in the comments.

And share this with someone who might find this helpful.

I wish you Luck and Success.

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