What is Integrated Digital Marketing and its value in 2020

Digital Marketing is a very wide industry in itself.

It is not just about posting content or running paid campaigns, or blogging, etc.

It has evolved from that point.

It is more about creating a system for your business to run on an automation mode even when you are not there.

Your business should work in such a way that all the different modules in digital marketing must complement each other and work simultaneously to reduce the person’s effort.

And that’s where the Integrated Digital Marketing system can help you.

My name is Sanyam Jain and I am your Digi Tool Master. Let’s get started with today’s topic of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Today you will learn:

  1. What is Integrated digital marketing?
  2. How can you learn integrated digital marketing?
  3. What is the importance of creating an Integrated Digital Marketing system?
  4. Set of tools required to create an Integrated Digital Marketing system?

Stay till the end for a bonus tip on how you can earn by offering integrated digital marketing services.


What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated Digital Marketing

Let’s understand first what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is setting your marketing campaigns(ads, posts, lead generation tools) on digital automation in such a way that once deployed, it will automatically reach and communicate with your audience for you.

You command a bunch of tools to perform repetitive tasks instead of doing on your own.

Many of us work in digital marketing to create multiple campaigns, generate leads, send proposals, closing deals, deliver, and take many other small & big steps in between to complete one sale.

But what if all you have to do is create content or product and create a system that can work for you from generating leads to delivering the product. Wouldn’t that be great?

That system is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

In simple words, it is the integration or interlinking of multiple tools and marketing platforms to perform particular actions on its own and do not require a person to give commands every time to perform that same action.


Learning Integrating Digital Marketing with an Example

Let’s understand digital marketing automation by executing 2 different processes on a deeper level

  • The manual process 
  • The Integrated Digital marketing process.

The manual process business

integrated digital marketing services

Let’s say, for example, you create a digital product, a digital course of a recorded set of videos.

You need to generate leads to sell the course, either organically or with paid ad campaigns.

Once you receive a lead, you will contact the prospect with an email or a phone call.

He or she will tell you that they will do some research and you can follow up after some time.

Then you wait and give them a follow-up call or email, and eventually, they buy from you.

Now you need to send the payment details, verify payments, and send them the whole media files to give them access for their course.

The process I have explained is for one prospect.

Imagine you generate thousands of leads and have to follow the same steps for each prospect.

This process is difficult if you work alone and want to take your business to a higher level.

You can start with this manual process, but to grow your business and expand your reach, you either need to hire more people or you can create an automated digital marketing system with a set of online tools.


The Integrated Digital marketing process

Integrated Digital Marketing

First, discuss what you need to complete the integrated model of marketing.

You will need an email marketing tool, a payment gateway, and a learning management system. You may also need a tool to link all these tools together like Zapier.

With email marketing tools, you need to set up all basic emails that you need to send for every new lead, follow-ups, and welcome kits when people join. These emails will depend upon the process and nature of your business. 

A payment gateway will be required to receive the payment digitally.

A learning management system(LMS) is like a portal where you can upload your digital e-course and your student can log in with provided details to access.

Let’s try to execute the process of how we can use these tools.

You start with creating your e-course, and once that is done you can upload it to your LMS.

You can now generate leads organically or via paid ads.

You can create a google sheet for new leads and create a command. You can use a tool like Zapier to create this command that whenever a new lead comes into the sheet, it will automatically command your email marketing system to send them information emails about the product.

Once your prospects start receiving email, your email marketing tool will start noticing the behavior of the user and share related emails with them, the email that you have pre-set accordingly for different user actions.

When a user is convinced and wants to buy the product, they can directly visit your payment gateways to make the payments, of which they can find the link in your emails.

And whenever the payment is completed, the LMS will generate new user login details and share it with the user via email automation tool.

You can also set daily reminders for your students to follow the curriculum.

Or you can even set automatic emails on finishing of the e-course to provide certificates.

In the end, the user receives the product, you receive the payment, both receive the value, everyone is happy.


What is the importance of creating an Integrated Digital Marketing system?

integrated digital marketing strategy

Imagine the time and energy you need to spend on thousands of leads manually in the above-mentioned sample business model.

it is nearly impossible to cover all the leads in a single day.

The time and energy which you should be investing in improving your content, you will keep on wasting it on doing the repetitive tasks that can be handled by some tools.

But, now that you have created your integrated digital marketing campaign, you can now work on creating more value to your users by updating your content with fresh updates.

You should also keep updating your email marketing automation tools to remove any possible chance which may hamper your user’s experience.

The more leads you get, the more new experience and feedback you are going to get from your customers.

And that experience will give you new ideas on how you can improve your system or what other tools and strategies you can use to improve your customer experience.

Even if someone doesn’t buy from you, he/she can still be a potential customer for future products. 

And if you need them to buy from you, you need to create value for them.

But if you try to provide value to each and every one of them separately, you will not grow in numbers.

That’s why it is important for you to build an integrated digital marketing strategy, that will work for you even when you are not available at a particular time.

Imagine what will happen if Amazon would have kept on taking all the orders manually. It would not have been a big company as it is now.

Always remember- ‘Systems Work, People Fail’


Set of tools required to execute Integrated Digital Marketing Services

 integrated digital marketing

There are plenty of tools you can choose from to set up your marketing automation campaigns.

But I am going to list down a set of tools, through which you can start your marketing automation for free or cheap and invest in a paid version once you start making some revenue.

Website Lead generation – Optin Chat (ChatBot)

Email Marketing Tools – Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Sendgrid.

Automation – Zapier

These are some Free marketing automation tools you can start with.

I will also be posting tutorials for these tools on my youtube channel.

But till then If you want more details on how to use these tools than you can easily search for tutorials on youtube.

Also, it is not recommended to only use these tools. You can also use different tools that you know of and can do the job for you. Mention the tools in comment section you tried and share your experience with everyone.


Bonus – Earn in 5 figures by offering Integrated digital marketing services.

marketing automation

Digital marketing itself is a big industry and there are multiple modules in it.

But digital marketing automation is one of the most in-demand skills in the market currently.

In the current world, Time is Money, and this is the reason it is in demand.

People like to hire individuals who can not only earn them money but can also reduce the time and effort for them.

Every smart business owner wants to create a system for them.

And the reason they want to create a system is that even if someone leaves in between, the system will keep on running for them and make them money.

If you can learn this skill, you can not only get a promising high-income job but also you can help small businesses in creating a system as a freelancer. If you are just starting out then you can also visit my other article to know more about Top High-income Skills in Demand in the current market. Read the article and comment below if you find it valuable and helpful.

I would recommend you to try with these free tools, practice as much as you can.

You can also create a project for yourself which you add to your resume or profile, and that will help you get the clients easily.


I hope you find value and understand the concept of Integrated Digital Marketing.

I will be shortly coming up with tutorials on how you can set up your digital marketing careers in the quickest way possible with help of digital tools.

Till then, keep learning, keep growing, and keep sharing.


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